Southampton Game Jam


  • xcmeathead

    Awesome, thanks :D

  • Landric

    There's pay-and-display car parking before 5pm on the Friday, and no restriction on parking after that. For a map of parking at and around the university, check out this link:

  • xcmeathead

    Is there a good place to park this weekend?

  • Landric

    Unfortunately, we're not able to provide a dedicated area for sleeping this year, but you're welcome to bring a sleeping bag and crash on the floor if you want to!

  • jz-zz

    Do I need to bring a sleeping bag or something?

  • xcmeathead

    Yeah Unity's a good shout. They have a section on the Asset Store of free assets they recommend for GGJ, Looks like some of them are just projects from their tutorials, but there's probably loads of useful stuff in there.!/list/34942-global-game-jam-starter-kit

    I'll be using Unity, but mostly that's because it's all I know tbf.

  • Landric

    Yes, Unity is always very popular! Often, it depends on what tools/languages you're most comfortable using already, but if you're looking for ideas for things to try ahead of time check out Haxe-Flixel, Twine and Inform7 too :)

  • TheCommieDuck

    Most people end up using Unity (because it's so easy to get going with)

  • turtletennis

    I've not been to one of these before, are there usually any preferences on OS/tools/programming languages? I'm assuming free ones.


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